Friday, November 13, 2009

Why the Rule of Law?

I am becoming more and more amazed at our politicians' arrogance and blatant disregard for the US Constitution and it's simple message!
The People are, by law and good conscience,to govern themselves in all areas that are possible for self governance and the government is to be limited by the law & the people , to insure that the "Liberty" of the people would never be surrendered or stolen by the likes of the current leaders holding public office today!
"We the People" are entitled to only 3 things in America; Life, Liberty, and the "freedom to pursue" Happiness. That is all! Not free lunch, nor free health care, nor free insurance. Also,Government run industries,government run education, government run banks, are unconstitutional. There are two things the Federal Government is definitely responsible for. They are National security, and coining our money: as Stated in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution, which happens to be the inviolable law of the land, Congress shall have the power to coin (create) money and regulate the value thereof. In 1913 the US Congress violated our constitution when they passed the Federal Reserve Act, at and gave this power to the Federal Reserve- a private,for profit, corporation which operates at the expense of the public welfare.
Thomas Jefferson was just as strong in his condemnation when he said:
"I sincerely believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. Already they have raised up a money aristocracy that has set the government at defiance. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people to whom it properly belongs."
This Act also violates the preamble to the US Constitution which states "general welfare" as an objective of our government. The irony is that they now use the preamble to justify the usurpation of our rights (HR3200) by pretending to act in the best interest of the public's "general welfare"! Justifiable hypocrisy?
National security is being compromised like never before in our history with the "changes" we are experiencing that have created a deficit spending spree that will destroy our Nation's economic future- and the end is in sight right now-2017 insolvency! How can a bankrupt nation fund National Defense? The only hope we have is to ask for God's forgiveness of our National sins and to restore the Constitution and adhere to it's Laws without compromise!
The Executive and Legislative branches of government are all, to some degree, full of leaders guilty of treason and they should be recalled, impeached, reappointed and held accountable to the same "Rule of Law" we are held to. They should demonstrate a much higher standard as they are supposed to lead by example, not by immunity to the mandates they impose and enslave the people with! This is tyranny and must be stopped if we are to survive as a Free Constitutional Republic.
Oppose government run "anything"and here are a few reasons why we should prevent the Federal Government from running even a Kool-Aid stand, much less our health care system (well, Obama,Reid,Waxman, Frank, and Pelosi have been bribing people with Kool-Aid, but that is illegal). Social Security(Governments first Insurance experiment) is approaching bankruptcy and will be insolvent by 2017, thank you FDR-our first Communist President!Say no to the Public Option- Soc.Sec. didn't work and they can't fix it, how can they fix Health care with a new Federal Bureaucracy.In 1977 the Dept. of Energy was established to reduce our dependency on foreign fuel and develop alternative energy sources. After 32 years it costs US Taxpayers over 24 billion dollars a year to be dependent on foreign fuel! Based on actual performance,this Gov't. Agency's Grade is an "F" minus. Thanks to Jimmy Carter's Administration. The solution to this Government failure is to induce a crisis-and offer another government solution known to us as Cap & Trade! Now based on this record why should we let them run Health care, the auto industry,Green Technology- Energy Solutions, Banking Systems which will give them power over 50% of total US Economy! They have already created a negative Net worth of $65 Trillion for our children! When US Postal Service exceeds budget they just raise prices.Governments do not promote efficiency, they promote taxation! Why are they still in business? Medicaid & Medicare are broke with over 6 Billion a year in corruption alone being ignored-thanks to Lyndon B.Johnson for bigger government and socialized health care! More will not cost less! Federally regulated public education through the Dept.of Education, ED, is an embarrassment for Americans and the only thing it has accomplished is more bureaucracy, raising costs,taking prayer out of schools,lowering educational standards to accommodate the less fortunate regardless of actual academic achievement,and promoting immoral sexual behaviors,Obama's Safe School Czar Kevin Jennings: “Kids are being aggressively recruited to become heterosexual in this country.” (Jennings, former head of LGBT-Gay Rights activists). The United States Department of Education,or ED, is a Cabinet-level department of the United States government. Created by the Department of Education Organization Act (Public Law 96-88), it was signed into law by, surprise, President Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979 and began operating on May 4, 1980.The result of ED's Government mandates: most young people graduating from H.S.cannot write a research paper,balance a check book,but then, neither can the US Congress.They can't fill out a tax return,but then, neither can our US Treasurer,Geitner.Then we have the experts who advise and make all the decisions for the current illegitimate President. They are self proclaimed Socialists, Communists, Maoists, Homosexuals,& Union Leaders(Gangsters), as well as Atheists, Muslims, Liars, Cheaters,etc. and yet, "they" call patriotic Americans Domestic Terrorists! LOL here,stands for Law of the Land by the way, unless you are laughing at the US Governments foolishness or criminally insane way of conducting business in the world! Actually it isn't funny at all , it is despicable!
For example-Roe v. Wade denies the "Right to Life"-a Constitutionally guaranteed Right, and defends the right to MURDER! There are over 3,600 babies murdered in the USA every day!Is this a justifiable "holocaust"? The progressives seem to think so! And they have the nerve to call us,Conservative, Christian American Patriots, "NAZIS"!
Global warming invented by crooks like Al Gore and promoted by radicals like Van Jones of Apollo Alliance. Science or Hyperbole? HYPERBOLE!
Liberty or Tyranny? TYRANNY! Conservatives now say: The Constitution or Anarchy? The Constituion! Now, ask yourself who the real criminals are and what you going to do about it? Flip This House- Oust All Incumbents, Vote of No Confidence- -VOTE them ALL out, Nov.2nd,2010,Judgement Day!
True Patriots understand that saying "No" is necessary and good when it is based on sound principles and values! We cannot spend ourselves into financial security. That is Fiscal Insanity! Congress needs a "shrink"! We need a new Congress! Get involved with your local grass roots organizations who are diligently working to educate America and help you learn who the candidates are and what they stand for. Go to , Check out the voting records of everyone in office and let them know you got their number! We The People still have the power- do not give your LIBERTY away. It was a gift from God and it was paid for with Patriot blood,and has been defended by many who sacrificed everything to preserve this great land for generations to come. We have a responsibility to uphold our US Constitution and teach our children well! I dare say if our founding fathers were here today they would impeach most every Congressman and Senator, and the traitor in the White House! They should rightfully be imprisoned or exiled from our land! Where are the men of yester-year anyway? Is the common man devoid of courage- or are they just too complacent, drunk, or stoned to see the danger our Republic is in? The direness of the diminished morality in our society: state sanctioned homosexuality and marriage, criminal business practises- (ACORN),nauseating hypocrisy, corruption, injustice, world government! What in God's green earth- not man's- are we waiting for? The Treason is undeniable and the liar in the White House has no LEGAL right to be there! He is not a Natural Born Citizen, PERIOD!
Article II, Sec. 1 of our US Constitution has been blatantly violated by Congress and the criminals must be held accountable. They have failed to uphold their Oath of Office and should be terminated immediately! In 2010 much of what has been stolen will be restored and put into the hands of tested Americans who Love America, take pride in her History, uphold her Constitution as it was intended, in it's original text, and who revere God Almighty and trust in the Lord-Jesus! Anyone who doesn't like it can pack their bags and leave with Obama and his cronies! We The People have had "Enough". We will put the "CAP on Congress and TRADE in ALL the INCUMBENTS" . The Lord will protect us and fight for us if we repent and trust Him to lead us as individuals. We must form a human chain and promise not to let go of our brothers! No, not one! That is what George Washington did. How do you think the First American Patriots defeated the most powerful & best financed army in the world? When we won the war against King George it was because of divine providence established by God for His Glory. God answered the prayers of the faithful men who put their Trust in Him first! We had better remember our history and study it well and teach it to our children or we will surely regret the consequences of our ignorance, laziness,and apathy!
Now is the time to Stand Up, Shout Loud, and Demand our Country be returned to it's rightful owners- "We The People" who are white and black, men and women,young & old, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Italian, etc. , but we are and must always be" Americans" first and be willing to die loyal to our Country! Patriotism is not out of style, it was temporarily brushed under the carpet- but that is over now! The not so silent majority is voting for the right candidates, regardless of party, locally, at the state level, & Nationally from now on!
See you at the polls.....
Our prayers go out to all the victims of Fort Hood and the family of Vietnam Veteran Ed Freeman. Thank you God for our Servicemen.
God Bless you all and God Bless and Save America.

Please pray for our country:
Psalm 109:8 says "Let his days be few, and let another take his office"- The word of God applies to Barack Obama too!
God scoffs at the scoffers!

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