Saturday, May 23, 2009

Obama seeks to rewrite the U.S. Constitution...

Obama sees court pick as smart with common touch and practical sense of how the "world" works. This is a U.S. Supreme court Justice appointment, not a philosophy professorship!
Our Laws define absolutes for a reason. There is such a thing as right and wrong. Our founding fathers understood the foundational truths established by God's Holy Word and determined that a free society could not sucessfully exist without this as the foundational basis for all of our laws. Does Obama truly believe he is wiser than all of these men combined? The arrogance of this man is disgusting and embarrassing. They understood absolutely, the necessity of limiting government and empowering the people. The predominant power lies in the state with the local people who submit to God's laws first, being regionally represented. The purpose of the legislative branch of gov. is to represent and protect the rights of these people; respectively, the actual population. Not the fringe, liberal, obscure minority who cry, "foul", whenever the majority chooses to reject their immoral propensity for abhorrent and dangerous life choices. Since when are Americans,for example,"homosexuals who hate God or deny His power or His Word" and why is it that the majority of decent, moral, life respecting, God-fearing people are now the dangerous enemies of American society according to our insightful "homeland security" institution ? Even the new names for all these insidious government agencies are presumptuously deceitful. Their recently released reports hardly make us more secure. On the contrary, they should cause us extreme distress and concern for the safety of our nation because the enemies within our walls are the most harmful threat to our free society !
Statistics speak volumes in direct contrast to all the beliefs Obama claims are sound and healthy, and of course,intelligent! He says he wants someone who sees the constitution through the eyes of the powerless yet he denies life for the most powerless of all; the 3,562 aborted American babies murdereded in our U.S. A. everyday! Our entire government is sick with an aggressive,malignant cancer:"lawless, contemptuous, God-less immorality". It is growing at an alarming rate and must be excised! Survival will be impossible otherwise and if surgery is not successful,our most precious possession,"Liberty", will be a vague memory!

The hypocrisy of this administration and our government and many of the American people is disgraceful!

* Please start calling all of your local state representatives and demand Obama's actual birth certificate be produced and made public immediately.
Get involved in your local politics. Work with the Tea Party Movement,go to church and ask your church leaders to get involved. The time is NOW! 2 Thess. 2:9

This is imperative. Obama is a constitutional lawyer / professor. He knows better than anyone why he is not legally eleigible to be our President! Why has he spent betwen $650K and $1.3 million that can be tracked to fight demands for production of his documentation which is required by the U.S.Constitution. Why has he sealed his passport travel records, school records and birth records? Our politicians in Washington have all violated the Constitution by not performing their duties and requiring production of "legal" birth certificate which establishes once and for all, Obama's "natural born status". This is the single most defining example of what our leaders are guilty of: Non-compliance; they have not upheld our Constituion and have rendered us powerless and that is an Act of Treason. We as Americans have the Constitutional right to protect our country and our selves from an act such as this and that is why we have the Second Ammendment: Right to Bare Arms! Why else do you think the powers that be are fighting so furiously to move legislation through our house and senate so quickly? How else can they strip Americans of their ability to overturn a corrupt, totalitarian government when America finally realizes what has occured in our United States? The Living God of Abraham, Issac, Jacob, David, and America;help us, please; "Pray for America and Israel!"

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