Monday, May 4, 2009

Why A Tea Party, Why Now?

I have been saying for over 6 years now it is time for a Tea Party. Right about the time "Homeland Security " began to be used as a tool to strip away the constitutional rights of honest law abiding "American citizens" who until now have been the only ones paying taxes religiously! The silent "majority" must speak up as silence represents consent to the current administration and is being perceived as weakness. Our nation was established by the people , for the people, not for the "Government". The US Constitution must be upheld and subscribed to in it's entirety with integrity and respect for its"original meaning and intent". The peverse abuse of our freedom on the part of the legislative, judicial , and executive branches of government is CRIMINAL! Thank God for this new awakening that must precipitate the necessary changes that will heal our land. Obama is the embodiment of the "sickness" that prevails in Washington D.C. . Our votes are paid for with the shed blood of true American Patriots. Don't Tread on Me!
Impeachment is in order in every branch of government and it is Constitutional ; it's purpose is to correct the evils of an arrogant elite who think they know better than the people, what is "best " for them. In theory, our elected officials protect the interests of our nation and our people or they are dissallowed from governing. Now is the time to demand accountability! There has been a peaceful takeover as predicted by the communists long ago. We the people must "CALL THEM OUT!" We do not bow to Saudi Arabia. We bow to the one true God, just as Israel did many years ago. Now is the day of judgement. If we do not stand up for "righteousness" we will sacrifice everything our Great Nation has stood for since it's conception.
May 7th , National Day of prayer.
Please pray for our leaders and our people: that they see the absolute truth and the error of their ways so we can begin to rebuild our beautiful, God blessed America!

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